We are HydraProxy

Our Motto

The Internet As It Should Be. Limitless.

Who we are

We are a bunch of individuals with a strong belief that the Internet’s greatest achievement is its infinite connections. Regardless if we talk about connecting people to other people or connecting people with information, we believe you should have the ability to reach the information you want and the people you like.

Our Mission…

… is to help the world access unbiased information. One request at a time.

At HydraProxy we want to fix one of the biggest obstacles of automation: biased data and personalization. The Internet is great and is becoming more personal than ever, which is awesome. But this awesomeness becomes a nuisance when unbiased information, independent from digital footprints, is needed.

About HydraProxy

We Sell access. Access to the Whole Wide Web, unrestricted and unbiased by digital footprints or geographical blocks.

One way we can fulfill our mission is by providing private proxies for accessing some of the most restrictive web resources.

HydraProxy.com is a service offered by Hydra Web Services, Inc.