General FAQ

A proxy server is an intermediary server which comes between you and the website you want to access. While using a proxy server, the internet traffic you initiated will pass through the proxy server an then to the destination website. The destination website will return the results back to you through the proxy server. Why should use it in the first place if it only acts as an intermediator? A proxy server provide different levels of security, functions and privacy depending on what you need. Proxies can be used for a wide variety of use cases which include anonymous browsing, social media, scraping, etc.

You can use our proxies through a software that allows proxy usage or in your browser. See here how to use our proxies with Mozilla Firefox or Chrome.

We offer US Proxies only


Yes, you can manually choose the US state before making a purchase.

We offer private and quality HTTPs and SOCKS protocols.

You can always open a ticket and we will respond promptly here.

Configuration FAQ

Highest quality, clean proxies for sensitive applications like Social Media, Youtube etc. There is no restriction on our social proxies, you can use them on any website you prefer.

Below you can find indications on how to use our proxies on different OS, browsers and on other software.

You need help to set up proxies on your browser? We have made some small tutorials in order to set up proxies for the most popular browsers:


Choose your OS and check out these guides we have made for you:


  • Sneaker boots

  • Social Media tools

  • Scrapers

  • SEO tools

Usage FAQ

Our proxies provide high anonymity, with encrypted traffic, mobile fingerprint and no logs


You can read the complete tutorial on how to order proxies from us by clicking here.

Billing FAQ

We accept credit card (Visa/MasterCard), PayPal and BTC.


You can always change you current plan by opening a ticket. The changes will be applied starting your next billing cycle.

Please send an email to [email protected] or open a ticket here and we will help you as soon as possible.

All Services rendered by Hydraproxy.com are refundable if and only if Services rendered for a given customer by Hydraproxy.com violates one of the following warranties:
(a) Prior to the Customer’s use of the proxies and within the first 7 days of ordering, the proxies fail for the Customer’s stated use case. And after given the opportunity to find new proxies that satisfy the Customer’s use case, Hydraproxy.com is unable to do so.
(b) The Hydraproxy.com network experiences less than 99% uptime over a period of 30 days as tracked via the monitoring system posted
(c) A support request filed at the customer portal requires over 24 hours before a response from Hydraproxy.com staff.
In the event that any one of the above warranties is breached, the Customer may request a refund for the most recent payment sent to Hydraproxy.com though the customer portal.