How to setup a proxy in Windows 10

1. Open the Settings app or just press press Windows + I on your keyboard.

2. Go to Network & Internet tab.

3. Go to Proxy and there will be two separate sections that can be configured: “Automatic proxy setup” and “Manual proxy setup.”

How to set a proxy server on Windows 10 with an automatic setup script

Go to the “Automatic proxy setup” section. Here, check if the automatic detection of proxy settings is enabled and then turn the “Use setup script” switch On. Finally, type the URL of the proxy in the “Script address” field and press Save.

How to manually set a proxy server in Windows 10

“Manual proxy setup” section, turn the “Manual proxy server” switch On. In the manual configuration of a proxy requires you to have a specific IP address and port for the server that you want to use. After you obtain this information, you have to enter it in the Address and Port fields.