Regain Control Of Browser Fingerprinting

Multi-profile Browser Manager


One App. Multiple Purposes.

There isn't a right way of using HydraHeaders. Neither a wrong one.
HydraHeaders integrates with ease in any environment.

Enhance Privacy

[as proxy/anti-detect client]

Save your proxies in a matter of seconds and use them as your gateway to the Internet.
Both SOCKS5 and HTTP/S protocols supported.

Improve Control

[as multi-account app]

Control multiple accounts from one place. Assign individual identities and never mix them up again.

Mimic Any Device

[as testing tool]

Emulate phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops using different operating systems (Linux and Windows) and browsers (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox). All at once. 

Don't Worry Anymore About

Device Resolution

Emulate devices and restrict websites’ canvas to real screen sizes.

WebRTC Leaks

WebRTC is disabled by default to prevent unwanted IP leaks.

Browser Locale

Multiple (50+) browser languages and timezone selector.


HydraHeaders is and always be FREE as in “free beer”

(OS supported: Windows)