GoLogin proxy integration with Hydraproxy

Learn how to setup your GoLogin proxy settings and integrate with Hydraproxy IPs

GoLogin app let you Control Fingerprint. Configure fingerprint so sites define you as you want. Change your fingerprint as you want. Manage Browser Profiles

How to integrate GoLogin with Hydraproxy

  1. Download GoLogin using the below link and install it.


2. Log in and click on Create Profile

3. Edit proxy details by clicking on Your proxy

4. Enter your proxy details (for mobile proxies you only need to enter the hostname and port – leave empty for username and password). You can find them by accessing your Hydraproxy dashboard. If you need help placing an order please click here: https://hydraproxy.wpengine.com/how-to-order/

5. After you edit the other settings you only need to click on Create Profile then Run

If you still have any questions you can also check the video tutorial below

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