How to use AdsPower

What is AdsPower?

AdsPower provides an isolation fingerprint browser for each social or e-commerce account making it easy to operate a large number of accounts on the same computer at the same time.

AdsPower is a browser automation tool, it can operate multiple social media accounts in batches at the same time as if coming from multiple physical devices.

How to set up HydraProxy’s proxies in AdsPower

  1. First of all, you need to buy proxies from the dashboard.

     2. After that, you can start manage access of IP.

      3. You can choose any country you like, as well as the IP type – either rotating or sticky.

      4. Open AdsPower and click on “Single import”.

      5. As HydraProxy supports username-password authentication, you can simply fill the following information in AdsPower:

Proxy Host:

Proxy Port: 9989

Proxy User: adsp10262******

Proxy Password: StPi1698V*********

When it’s done, click on “Check proxy” to check proxy connection.

      6. If you need a bunch of endpoints, you can just set up the number and then click on “Generate”.

      7. Copy the information of one of the listed endpoints and paste it directly in the field “Proxy Host” in AdsPower.

      8. Great, now you can start working with AdsPower!

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