SessionBox proxy integration with Hydraproxy

Learn how to setup your SessionBox proxy settings and integrate with HydraProxy IPs

SessionBox allows you to create different browser profiles in a single window. It enables you to login into multiple accounts on the same site at the same time. This can be very useful for data collection and social media automation.

How to integrate SessionBox with Hydraproxy

  1. Download and install SessionBox extension for Google Chrome:

2. In order to use proxies you need to create and log into your SessionBox account.

3. From the top left menu select Settings.

4. Click on Proxy tab then on Add Proxy button

5. Enter the proxy details. You can find them in your Hydraproxy dashboard. If you need help placing an order please click here:

6. After you access a specific website you can create a group wich will contain different sessions.

7. Once you create a new group click on the 3 dots next to the newly created session then settings.

8. On “Other” tab click on Proxy then you will have the option to select the configured proxy.

If you still have any questions you can also check the video tutorial below

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